Saint Joseph Jesuit Scholasticate (SJJS) is the formation institute of the Vietnam Province of the Society of Jesus, in which philosophy and theology programs are offered for the education of Jesuit scholastics. Besides, the Scholasticate is also open to other qualified students, especially the religious of other congregations who wish to complete their academic formation orthose who desire to become priests of the Catholic Church in Vietnam.


Study Program

The Scholasticate’s study program is carried out by the faculty of theology which comprises within itself philosophy program.



The Apostolic Constitution Sapientia Christiana and the particular Statutes of SJJS approved by the Very Reverend Father General of the Society of Jesus and by the Congregation for Catholic Education govern the work of SJJS.

Purpose and Aims

The primary goal of the SJJS’ study program is to provide Jesuit scholastics, and other students, with a deepened knowledge of Christian revelation and of matters connected with it, to help them be able to enunciate systematically the truths contained therein, and to meaningfully and effectively proclaim those truths in the context of contemporary Vietnamese culture.

Besides, another goal of the program is to bring the students into contact with the knowledge possessed and the problems posed by our contemporaries, especially those who are in our country and share our culture. With that, each student is encouraged to find his/her own way to articulate and express his/her Christian faith.

More concretely, the Scholasticate aims at providing philosophical and theological education for those Jesuits and non-Jesuits preparing particularly for pastoral ministry and mission of the Church, in the context of Vietnam and more widely in an Asian context. This education involves

  • A basic understanding of our Catholic heritage, of philosophy as well as of other fields that are important to the Church, the society and the culture of Vietnam.
  • An acquaintance with contemporary modes of thinking as well as an awareness and sensitivity to cultural/religious contexts of Vietnam as an Asian country;
  • A deepening of spirituality, especially Ignatian charism; and
  • Certain pastoral skills necessary for ministry.

As a program designed primarily for Jesuits, beside the ecclesiastical requirements, it takes concerns articulated by recent General Congregations such as 34 and 35 as constitutive of its fundamental framework. Thus the service of faith and the promotion of justice, mission of reconciliation, dialogue with other religious traditions and cultures, creative fidelity, and collaboration are envisioned as informing the entire philosophy and theology programs.


Vision and Mission

Saint Joseph Jesuit Scholasticate is a Jesuit and Vietnamese institution and community of learning dedicated to formative theological education and research within the Catholic tradition. It is responsive to contemporary ecclesiastical and social concerns for the building up and service of the Church in Vietnam.

Through its inculturated courses, programs and institutional and human resources, the mission of Saint Joseph Jesuit Scholasticate is to educate its students in the faith, sustain personal theological growth, and assist in the effective empowerment of all who desire to serve the people of God by ministries in and of the Church.

It labors so that the members of its academic community may become academically competent, spiritually well-grounded, and apostolically motivated for Christian discipleship, renewed evangelization, social transformation, and responsible stewardship of the earth.

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