Fundamental Theology I: Revelation And Faith


60 hours
TF 102


An Introductory Way Of Doing Fundamental Theology

A. Description

This is one of the first courses to be offered to first year students. It is an introductory course to theology in general and to fundamental theology in particular. It comprises, therefore, an introduction to theology. It then covers the two main issues usually studied in what is usually called fundamental theology – Revelation and Faith.

The course takes a historical survey of how the reality of Revelation and Faith is understood, questioned and systematically conceptualized. It takes into account the diversity of the notion of Revelation, and therefore of Faith, through the ages.

It then offers a practical reflection on the personal and communal nature of Faith.

B. Course Objective

The course’s objective is to help the students:

  • To get an overview of the nature and function of theology, its contextual character, its method and branches in current faculties.
  • To understand clearly the role and significance of Fundamental Theology based on its different definitions; its distinctness and relation to other theological disciplines.
  • To obtain in a profound and solid manner the nature and dynamic of the issues raised by traditional and modern thinkers concerning Revelation and Faith.
  • To practice a contextual way of understanding and of reflecting on the nature of Revelation and the life of Faith, applying particularly in the social context of the Church in Vietnam .

C. Instructional Methods

  • Class lecture.
  • Class discussion.
  • Summary, reflection papers.
  • Research papers.

D. Textbooks and Materials

  • BEVANS, STEPHEN B.. Models of Contextual Theology. Manila. 2003.
  • _. An Introduction to Theology in Global Perspective. New York. 2009.
  • DULLES, AVERY R., SJ. Models of Revelation. New York. 1992.
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  • JOHNSTON, DEREK. A Brief History of Theology. London, New York. 2008.
  • LATOURELL, RENÉ, SJ. Theology of Revelation. New York. 1967.

E. Course Evaluation

Short reflection papers (1-2 pages/3-5 papers): 35%

Class discussions: 15%

Research papers (3-5 pages/1-2 papers): 50%