1. Saint Joseph Jesuit Scholasticate is open to all students, whether ecclesiastical or lay, who can legally give testimony to leading a moral life and to having completed the previous studies appropriate to enrolling in the Faculty (Sapientia Christiana, Art. 31). This testimony for clergy and seminarians is to be given by their own Ordinary or his delegate; for all other persons, by some ecclesiastic.
  2. Applicants for programs of SJJS must present authentic records of all previous studies. All applicants must take the standardized entrance test. All students seeking admission to the STB and Seminary Programmust have completed the philosophical studies required by the Church.
  3. Applicants for individual courses at SJJS are admitted by the Dean or his delegate. They are expected to comply with all admission requirements whether they will work for credit or even attend as auditors; they must give evidence of their qualifications and ability to profit from graduate courses in their subject.
  4. Students of the STB and Seminary Program are admitted by the Dean with the assistance of the Admissions Committee.
  5. Students are expected to observe all regulations pertaining to them and failure to do so may make them subject to appropriate disciplinary action by the Dean or his delegate, which may be either probation or dismissal. Appeals regarding such action are submitted and decided upon in accordance with procedures described in these Statutes (Art. 30).

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