On June 10th, 2019, Saint Joseph Jesuit Scholasticate started a French Course Program for her scholastics as well as for some outside students. There were 37 students enrolled in this course.

Fr. Augustine Nguyen Thai Hiep, S.J., oriented us about the purpose of this course. This course is designed for all who wish to learn the French language to strengthen their speaking, reading and writing skills in French. There are four professors who assisted us in this program.

Our classes are divided into two sections, one in the morning which starts from 8 AM and finishes at 11 AM; the other section is in the afternoon, starts from 2 PM and finishes at 4 PM. The history and the importance of the French language were introduced to us on this first day of our class. We were surprised when we learned there are 257 million people speaking this language. The teachers helped us to familiarize with the French Alphabet and some simple French words. We were taught to pronounce the names of the French-speaking countries correctly.

We were very excited about learning this new language. We also had a chance to recall our childhood experiences when we learn how to speak simple words in French.

Though the first day of our class ended at 4 PM, we all longed for our next class with a lot of zeal and curiosity for this new language. Hopefully, studying this language will equip us with more confidence and greater availability for our future mission.

Scholastic. Giuse Tuân Vũ Chí Thành, S.J.