Church History In Vietnam


30 hours
TH 103.2

A. Course Description

Thomas the Apostle is believed to have spread Christianity to the East as Paul the Apostle spread Christianity to the West. Thomas or his disciples evangelized the Syrians, Chaldeans, and eventually the Indians. It was later through the Nestorian Christians of Persia that Christianity in the 7C was extended to China. In the 13C and 14C Franciscans and Dominicans renewed the gospel message in Asia. Francis Xavier, Matteo Ricci, and Robert di Nobili in the modern period renewed Asian Christianity. Despite persecution in the 18C and 19C, Christian Churches emerged strongly in the 20C until driven underground in 1949 by the Communist Parties of China, Vietnam, and North Korea. Philip Jenkins sums up Christianity in Asia: “We can’t understand Christian history without Asia – or, indeed, Asian history without Christianity.”

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C. Course Evaluation

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